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Happy Hold Hair Spray Organic


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Just the right amount of hold to make you happy. Conventional hair sprays contain harmful chemicals and contribute to destroying the ecosystem. This product is safe, effective and smells great without destroying your health!

To use, simply spray your hair (wet or dry) and wait a few seconds to dry. 

8 oz.


Happy Hold Hair Spray Organic $18.00

4 Stars Based on 9 Review(s)

Melissa of New Jersey
- 5 Stars
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Great nontoxic product

July 8,2023

I love the smell and how light it is. I only use hairspray to hold some frizz or keep my curls in, so I don’t expect a heavy duty support a toxic product would offer. I love that I don’t have to worry if I don’t wash it out that day because it won’t hurt my hair or make it difficult to work with.
Louise of Minnesota
- 4 Stars
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Pleasantly surprised

September 25,2018

I have to admit I didn't expect this to work well compared to the aerosol, major brand I was used to, but it did!! The spray bottle top used distributes the hairspray really well, and I don't miss the aerosol at all. I think it actually holds MORE strongly than the stuff I was using before, which was labeled "medium hold". I use way less of the poofy spray than I did of the old hairspray to get the same look and it lasts all day. Smells great as well. My only complaint is that it leaves my hair feeling pretty sticky... not pleasant to touch and the idea of trying to brush it out of my hair fills me with terror.
Janell of Montana
- 4 Stars
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Helped me return to hairspray

June 3,2018

I quit using regular hairspray for a year because of all the chemicals in them. This stuff is great and provides good hold without a nasty smell or chemicals or feeling sticky.  It’s so nice to use hairspray again. Plus it washes out well and doesn’t leave a residue.
Julia of Minnesota
- 4 Stars
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Great Product!

March 18,2018

I’m so happy to have finally found a natural hairspray that won’t hurt me, the environment, or anyone else around me! I appreciate the lightweight feel and hold. I also really enjoy the scent, because I typically feel like I might choke on regular hairspray—so no more holding my breath or offending others’ air space with this product!
Deanna of Minnesota
- 4 Stars
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Good Hold

March 10,2018

I'm thrilled to finally find a nontoxic spray that holds my hair and doesn't feel stiff afterwards! Kudos Poofy Organics!!
Amanda of Indiana
- 5 Stars
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Does a great job!

January 26,2018

I was, admittedly a little skeptical about the effectiveness of a natural hair spray but this pleasantly surprised me. It does exactly what you want a hairspray to do and smells nice, too.
Angela of Illinois
- 5 Stars
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Perfect hold

May 6,2017

I was amazed that Poofy has Organic hairspray!
Not only is it free if nasty chemicals, but it REALLY works and holds my hair in place!
Danielle of Colorado
- 5 Stars
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Love the way my hair looks!

March 2,2017

I bought this and the Mighty Mane Leave in Conditioner.  I can honestly say that my hair has never looked better in my life.  I will catch myself in windows or mirrors at work or after a long day once I get home and go WOW, I had a really good hair day!  That never happened before I started using these products!  So excited and happy with my purchase!
Marisa of Nevada
- 4 Stars
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Hair spray

June 13,2016

I was so excited to find out Poofy now has a hair spray since my previous natural hairspray company changed their formula and it is no good. I love the smell of Poofy's and it's super light weight. The ingredients are to my liking, and there is NO toxic smell that messes with my nose. This hair spray is more like a light hold. I prefer a slightly stronger hold but it does the job. I have super straight, fine hair so too much weight flattens my hair and this does not.

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