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Our lip gloss contains a unique, super shiny formula that is infused with botanical extracts, essential oils and pure organic fruit pigments which are loaded with antioxidants. This rich and creamy gloss glides on effortlessly to leave your lips feeling moist and hydrated for hours without fading. Long-lasting formula that is available in a variety of shades that look great and pamper your lips at the same time without that stickiness.

5 grams

*this product has NOT been certified to the organic standards. For more information about why, please visit http://poofyorganics.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-rules-of-being-usda-certified.html 


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4 Stars Based on 13 Review(s)

Barbara of Iowa
- 5 Stars
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I have lips again

December 5,2022

For many many years I wore lipstick like it was my go-to in fact you could find anywhere from 5 to even up to probably 15 lipsticks in my purse not exaggerating a bit. But I guess I got older I realized they bled and I did not like that looks so I stopped and I have not worn lipstick for probably six or seven years. Recently I was going out of town and I wanted to be a little pretty so I borrowed a lip gloss from my daughter well let's just say it's still in my purse and I love it and every single time I wear it I get compliments on how pretty I look that day LOL it's amazing what lipstick will do I'm back :-)
Amy of Colorado
- 5 Stars
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Love these!

December 2,2021

These lipglosses are beautiful! The color stays on for hours, they’ve got amazing ingredients and they smell heavenly. I bought the colors vintage (red), perfection (mocha) and charmed (bright pink). I love all three colors but my fav is definitely perfection-it seems to go with everything! The charmed color is more shimmery, so I don’t recommend if you don’t like shimmer. I have fair/medium and neutral toned skin.
Carol of North Dakota
- 4 Stars
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Best Lipgloss ever!

December 2,2021

I had this lipgloss in a beautiful, deep berry color…it is by far the best lipgloss I’ve ever had! It smelled great, was creamy(not sticky) went on smooth and stayed. Worth every penny!
Janell of Montana
- 4 Stars
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Love Vintage!

June 27,2021

I like lipgloss for a little color and that it’s moisturizing. This one smells like vanilla and I like having a little red color on my lips. It’s a keeper for me.
Cassandra of California
- 5 Stars
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Love these!

September 30,2020

I own two colors so far and always get compliments when I wear them. The colors are beautiful and my lips feel good wearing them.
GINA of North Carolina
- 5 Stars
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Epic & Rush are my go-to colors

August 22,2020

Epic is a lighter pink great for everyday.  Rush is another fave - just a little bolder.  I've actually bought and re-bought both these colors.

The glosses go on nicely and stay put!  They have a nice (natural) subtle scent.  I love these glosses and adding to my collection.
Autumn of Pennsylvania
- 5 Stars
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Clear Gloss Goddess!

January 30,2020

I purchased the new clear gloss.  I LOVE IT! I think it tastes and smells minty. Perfect for when you're chomping down on nachos and the man of your dreams walks in for a smooch.  
I feel like it gives my lips a plumper look, but it isn't marketed that way. I keep it cold because it's in my car and I love the cooling effect on top of the minty flavor!
Brittany of Illinois
- 3 Stars
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Bring back old lip colors

January 21,2020

I used for over 5 years the nude nymph lipstick and lipgloss and the candy gloss with the true brown lip liner. The new colors are okay. But miss the old colors. There is no good nude matte lip color options now. Please consider bringing back color or something similar since a classic nude lip (Kim K style) is so popular now.

Thank you for your review. Unfortunately, our old supplier of colors closed down and we were forced to find another. We test all our ingredients and will only purchase from those with the least amount of toxic metals and other substances, so our choices are limited. - Poofy
Angela of Illinois
- 4 Stars
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Hydrating & smells berry amazing!

December 16,2019

I loved the old lip gloss colors, but... I love how the re-formulated lip gloss stays on longer. It is thicker & stickier, which makes it moisturizing and lasts on my lips.
The Charmed color was a little darker pink than I expected, but I've grown to love it. I absolutely LOVE putting on this lip gloss each morning because it really SMELLS like BERRIES!
The Hypnotized color is light with some some shimmer, not too much pink coloring; nice for little girls to wear too.
I'm going to try the Cosmopolitan color next, hoping that is a nice light pink coloring.
Monica of California
- 5 Stars
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LOVE the lip gloss!!

November 4,2019

My daughter has been begging me for lip gloss, Poofys is perfect because it is hydrating and doesn't get sticky. And ofcourse I can feel good about letting her use Poofy because I know the ingredients are safe!
Sarah of Kansas
- 5 Stars
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October 9,2019

I got the Mocha Mayhem and I love it. I often pair it with my lip velvets because I like the glossy look & moisturized feel. I have had this lip gloss for almost a year now and have used it consistently. I am just now needing to look to restock.
Maureen of Massachusetts
- 2 Stars
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September 18,2019

I purchased “Charmed” a few months ago and it has ended up at the bottom of my makeup bag and never gets used. It goes on much too bright and shiny - not what I was hoping for. It also goes on pretty thick and sticky, so I had to use my finger to spread it on. I also didn’t like the smell at all. I’m so disappointed because I used to be a HUGE fan of the old formulation which was my favorite lipgloss and honestly the best I’ve ever used. Ever. I don’t know why they reformulated them but I’m so not happy☹️ Don’t mess with perfection. Unfortunately I don’t know what shade I used to wear because the name came off but it was a beautiful brown color and I’ve yet to find anything comparable. I figured for the summer I’d try a light shade but again such a disappointment. I’m tempted to try the brown shade but I’m also hesitant so I’ll hold off for now.

Thank you for the review. Unfortunately, we were forced to change our colors due to a vendor going out of business. We are very strict when it comes to purchasing from suppliers that offer clean ingredients so when it comes to naturally-based colors, we can only offer what is available.
Regan of Alabama
- 4 Stars
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Pretty Good

May 6,2019

I purchased hypnotized and it works pretty well. It’s REALLY shimmery, so I don’t use very much of it. It doesn’t spread out the best on your lips when rubbing your lips together so usually I use my finger to spread it out after applying the amount I want.

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